Digital Video Content as New Form of Art Display at Lincoln Center

Video content on digital screens has mostly been used to inspire and entertain people at events, plus educate in places of business. But with digital signage a creative canvass for so many things, it was inevitable we’d see someone attempt to use this content for an art experiment. In this case, it’s appropriately in New York City, namely Lincoln Center.

It was Lincoln Center that recently commissioned a digital display of an unusual art project called “Social Reserve” from an artist in Ireland named John Gerrard. The image is a computer simulation of a solar thermal power plant in Nevada where hundreds of mirrors reflect the sun. Based on satellite images and photographs taken, Gerrard and his team set up an image that changes over a 24-hour day.

Depending on what time of day you visit the image, you’ll see a different angle and shape based on sun position and point of view. The project is certainly unique, and it’s something that hasn’t been attempted before in any large digital format. Plus, with the image on a large, frame-less digital screen, it’s a stunning sight to behold.

The only question is what it’s going to inspire later in the way of using interactive or self-changing art projects on digital signs. Would there be an audience for such a thing in museums, or even places of business?

Video Content as Mere Eye Candy

When digital screens had their own debut in places of business within the last decade, the visuals are what initially made them so popular. More recently, content and interactivity has taken more precedence over the visuals, even though graphics are stunningly more advanced. The marriage of these concepts already turns many digital screens into works of art while also informing the public about a product or service.

It’s possible future art projects on digital screens will become more interactive so observers are more involved. They may even merge with some form of advertising, if not the artist adding something that markets their name to viewers. With companies looking for ways to advertise on giant digital screens, there could also be a business deal between artist and corporation. In return for the artist advertising the company in their art project, the company would provide the money toward the project’s budget.

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