Retailers looking to capture the attention—and dollars—of their customers are catching on to the importance of displaying the right digital signage content. In fact, studies show that customers who respond to digital signage are very likely to be involved in social-media and are more likely to spend money at establishments that use digital video displays with engaging content, notes market research firm, Scarborough.

Who Is Focused On Social Media
Let’s look at the profile of the people using social media. About 65% are Millennials, born after 1980. Millenials tend to be more educated than other generations. Many feel their generation is defined by their use of technology. Many are employed full-time, with household incomes hitting over $100K annually. As such, they are viewed as “financially stable,” making them a prime target for marketing.

Digital Video Display Keeps Them Coming Back
In a study of 10 locations with digital signage displays, Scarborough concluded that customers focused on social media frequented establishments with digital video displays more often than the average customer. This gave the companies more opportunities to connect them with the brand message.

Sharing On Social MediaDigital-Video-Displays-Hotel
Digital signage viewers are a great resource for word-of-mouth marketing. They sound off about their favorite (and least favorite) brands via social media more often than the average internet user. More importantly, they come to rely on social media for information about local businesses and events, the study showed; and they also actively seek out VIP event promos and coupons.

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