Orlando, Florida (July 22, 2016) – Nicolas Botero Bravo, a native of Cali, Colombia, has joined edgefactory as its first international intern. Botero came to edgefactory after being recruited by Cultural Homestay International Program, a Not-For-Profit organization that offers participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific professional field of interest, while at the same time providing diversity in the workplace and building an international and multi-cultural business climate.

Botero hopes to merge his photography and graphic design skills with the award-winning, multi-talented staff at edgefactory which produces visual and other products with “edge” throughout the world. He is looking to expand his knowledge of design to include international perspectives, and feels that Cultural Homestay International has found the perfect company for him. The fast-paced American culture has been a drastic change for him, but he is enjoying his time both here in the United States of America and at Edgefactory so much, that his excitement far out-weighs any homesickness.

“Beyond the traditional orientation and guidance our stateside interns receive and contribute, the International Intern Program at Edgefactory is designed to foster awareness and understanding among people all over the world. Nicolas Botero, our first international intern, brings a terrific work ethic to our company and is an excellent example of the talent and quality we seek. We look forward to a productive and positive period of mutual learning and cooperation.” said Raul Garcia, Senior Advisor and Co-Founder of edgefactory.

For more information on the Cultural Homestay International program, visit https://chinet.org/