17 - Interactive Digital Signage at Meetings and Events Can it Help Inspire EmployeesMeetings and events can sometimes be the most tedious things employees have to attend, especially when those meetings have the same structure we’re all familiar with in other companies. Only something creatively unexpected can help attendees feel more inspired and feel less bored with standard procedures. That’s especially true with meetings where sitting around a large table in the early morning or afternoons can be one of the most uninspiring moments in a work day.

It’s a little easier for events since you have larger crowds and chances to show videos to keep people mentally engaged. But what would happen if that content was more interactive as a way to personalize the videos presented?

There may be a hint to that with a recent announcement of interactive digital screens at the Georgia Aquarium. These screens go all the way up to 82 inches in size and are designed to interact with visitors using animated sea life characters designed to appeal to kids. However, it also features real footage of sea life captured around the world as a way to attract the adults to some of the aquarium’s major exhibits.

It gives a new look at how interactivity can help make anything appealing, especially an aquarium that might not immediately appeal to kids who fear anything scientific.

The idea of using video interactivity at meetings or events can bring a renewed way to inspire ideas, especially when it involves everyone interacting at once or taking turns. Meetings and events require group effort in order to get a feeling of wanting to succeed. The true purpose of both meetings and events are to inspire employees toward a goal anyway.

By having graphics, a character, or a real person in a video leading a group through an interactive display, everyone can get on the same page about a particular project. By keeping the content centered on a company project and giving interactive options to make people think, you’re inciting creativity in new ways not typically done.

This isn’t to say normal videos with inspiring images, graphics, and messages won’t also inspire. Interactivity, though, may be the new horizon that we’ll work toward implementing here at edgefactory.

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