Keven Leonard

Director of Finance and Operations

Keven Leonard

With over fifteen years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, Keven continues to channel his vast knowledge in the Entertainment Industry with creative and innovative results. Keven is from Nashville, “Music City, USA”, and he earned his BA in Marketing at Indiana University through the world renowned Kelley School of Business. While Keven likes to claim he is the least creative member of the edgefactory team, we can’t agree. He’s been with us since 2008, bringing balance to a team of creatives–a role that in and of itself demands creative strategies.

At edgefactory, Keven serves as Director of Finance as well as a Partner and member of the Board of Directors. He likes to start his day early, making time for his family which is something he enjoys. He dedicates his time to managing the finance team and all finance-related activities at edgefactory. Keven has a pivotal role in all Accounting functions, developing, maintaining and managing the Factory’s annual budget, as well as strategic accounting, tax Planning, and growth strategies. As a Partner and member of the board, he focuses the board’s attention on the company’s 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals.

Before joining us at the Factory, Keven worked as Assistant Director of Marketing for EB Music Group in Nashville, and produced and managed talent at the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando. To this day, he co-owns with his twin brother Sands Productions, an Orlando-based Audio and Lighting company focused on providing high-end audio production for corporate events. He also manages and owns Leonard Brothers Band.

If it sounds like Keven is busy making the world an edgier place, he his. Fortune 500 companies such as CVS Caremark, Microsoft, Bayer, Novartis, ServiceMasters, Kawasaki, Johnson Controls, and Grey Goose have all benefitted from his contributions. And at edgefactory, “Keven has really propelled us to success. We now have 20 employees and almost 300 contractors a year. Keven has more people on his finance team than we had in total employees when he started, because of his passion for finances and continuous integrity with our client billing,” says CEO Brian Cole.