Laura Peacock

Logistics Coordinator

Laura Peacock

As a key member of the Media Management and Convention & Events Planning team, Laura Peacock lends a keen sense of order and world-class customer service as the edgefactory Logistics Coordinator for Thermo Fisher Scientific. Laura coordinates projects for multiple Thermo Fisher Scientific divisions, so they can bring their brands to life through technological innovations in marketing.

Working from the edgefactory satellite office in Oklahoma, Laura’s contributions to numerous trade shows and conferences across the northern continent and beyond have made her an integral part of the organization with her expertise in planning and logistics. When Laura saw that her Trade Show management team was struggling with maintaining timelines with attendees registration in a timely fashion, Laura led an initiative to institute an innovative online tool which eased the process of trade show / event registration for hundreds of users. Through this comprehensive online portal, the registration process was simplified, as well as saved time and money.

A graduate of Southern Nazarene University with a B.A. in Human Relations, Laura’s diverse background includes communications, psychology, sociology, healthcare, and clinical management. Prior to joining edgefactory, Laura was an Event Marketing Manager with Texas Instruments, supporting this global technology company in its trade shows and marketing division, promoting advanced DLP technology. Her progressive experience includes work with the Productive Rehabilitation Institute of Dallas for Ergonomics, an innovative healthcare organization focused on the betterment of quality of life. During this time, Laura was responsible for advancing internal processes to facilitate greater ease in billing and interactions with local and national insurance providers.

As an avid health aficionado, Laura brings the same level of energy and enthusiasm to her studies of healthy living on the Oklahoma plains, as she brings each day to her work at the Factory. Active in her local community, Laura’s passion and desire to see others succeed is a testament to her strong Midwestern values.