Mona Boren

Travel Coordinator


Meticulous and organized. That’s how we describe Mona in her critical role as edgefactory’s travel coordinator. Think about it: traveling to event sites around the country–even the world–is fundamental to edgefactory’s work.

Based in Texas, she juggles the travel demands of a lineup of producers and the executive team on events throughout the world. Does it get hectic? “A recent project I worked on was tracking travel for three back-to-back shows for one client,” says Mona. “It was three continuous weeks for 18 team members.”

Prior to edgefactory, Mona worked for Verizon Communications for 34 years, where she was an executive assistant to the central region president of state public policy and the administrative assistant for the central region Verizon Foundation. Long story short, you don’t accomplish that job for over three decades without next-level attention to detail.

As a two-year team member at edgefactory, Mona is in charge of researching travel costs for quotes submitted by producers to clients, communicating logistics/travel detail with team members, calculating perdiems and individual rates to prepare travel contracts for each show, and logging all travel costs.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her large family, and says there is always some kind of celebration or get-together happening.