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Doing a video production for digital signage doesn’t always have to be promotional and can frequently be done for way finding in certain locations. Here at edgefactory we’re known for our way finding video content at events and in large facilities. With way finding digital signage content, people can get a better visualization of where they are in a confusing building and find their way to another location with ease.

Now we’re starting to see this being used in art museums where finding your way around can typically be just as confusing as finding your way around a convention or medical facility. The first use of this is happening at an art museum in Maryland called The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. It’s in their lobby where a new digital touchscreen is providing a chance to show visitors information about what they’re going to be seeing and where to find it.

That’s not something you see in very many art museums today, including the top ones in New York City or Washington, D.C. While many of those museums provide online tours of their museum, you’d think they’d invest in digital signage to help patrons find their way around easier when visiting in person.

How would digital signage help in other museums, and will we see it grow now that reaction is reportedly positive toward the screen being used in Maryland?

Touchscreens in Every Museum

We’ve found that interactivity with digital signage is in huge demand right now. And that’s especially true on large digital screens we’re starting to see in many public locations. Using a touchscreen allows people to find information on their own to give more of a personalization in finding things within a museum or other place. People like to be independent, especially in a museum where even tour guides can be annoying to some.

In another few years, more museums may start using digital screens in order to give people more of an independence to enjoy artwork on their own time. Visitors to museums also don’t love getting lost and wasting their time viewing art they don’t want to see.

On the touchscreen at the above Maryland museum, people can find specific artwork they want to see and go there instantly without getting lost. The screen also provides background information on the artwork so it feels like you’re Googling everything right in the lobby.

This kind of interactivity may be what your own public location or museum needs. Contact us here at edgefactory so we can help create the perfect video content you need to convey pertinent information with a multimedia feel. With digital signage capable of doing anything now, we’ll help make your own museum or event stand out with compelling graphics and superior video production techniques.