It is imperative that a business provide value to their customers and community by creating helpful and information emails, blog posts, and video content for them.  Video is an extremely important media since it is as engaging and effective as a sales tool, a method of teaching, and for providing details on a complicated aspect of your products or services. We will discuss some terrific ways to start to produce creative video content for your business.

Fun Stories About Your Business

It’s said that content marketing is all about stories.  So make videos about your business, tell stories that show customers why you’re different, why they should use you instead of your competitor. Why did you start your business? What interesting backgrounds do you and/or employees have? Can you incorporate fun stories about your customers?

Check the Holidays  

Besides your standard federal holidays, what about local holidays and lesser-known like National Pie Day?  For example, in San Francisco, we have Cesar Chavez Day, a holiday memorializing a social activist. Make a video that ties your business into the holiday — and make sure the relationship makes sense! Don’t use a holiday just because. People will see right through that.

Don’t Throw Out Any Ideas

Get some employees together and brainstorm ideas for videos. Write every single idea down, no matter how you feel or think about it. What may seem ridiculous can be worked into something useable or inspire a different idea you can use. If you can’t use the idea now and it doesn’t need to be retooled, keep it for when you can use it.

By following these guidelines, you can put yourself on track to creating awesome video content that your community will love.

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