Rachel Malvich

Graphic Design Specialist

Rachel joined the edgefactory team in 2016, designing and editing content and assisting in whatever way she possibly can. This go-to gal also assists with audio and motion graphic assets and gives input on projects that may require additional ideas.

Born and raised in Davisburg, Michigan, Rachel relocated to Orlando, FL, where she studied digital arts and design at Full Sail University, graduating in 2016.

Prior to coming to edgefactory, Rachel freelanced as a graphic designer, photographer, and videographer for four years. “I have worked for small businesses, individual branding projects, and nonprofits,” she says, and got so invested in one nonprofit, Feed Our Children Now!, that she took a staff position there.

A recent project that Rachel worked on with edgefactory was the Mohawk Carpets event. “The client wanted a montage of commercials that would build up to an explosion that reveal the main title of their show,” Rachel explains.

She created the look and feel of the decades video, an intro video that included clips from the company’s commercials from the 1950s all the way up to the 1990s. She also edited the audio for the video.

Outside of work, Rachel likes to chill with Indie, her Great Dane German Shepard mix, and her tuxedo cat named Bug. Plus, she’s eager to carve out time to catch up on sleeping!