If you watched the Grammy’s this year, you may have noticed a banner at the bottom of the screen with the symbol for Twitter and a hashtag. If you then searched for that hashtag on Twitter, you would have been amazed at the number of tweets posted during the show – a total of 14 million!

We’ve talked about Second Screen content as a  brand development tool for marketers before, but it is also being used by media outlets. Second Screen content is one of the five big tech trends offering businesses more opportunity to connect, interact and engage their customer through the social TV phenomenon, notes a post on AdAge/Digital.

According to a recent Gartner study, social media content related to TV shows or ads viewed on tablets, mobile phones, and computers have a profound influence on the actions of consumers.  “Second-Screen devices combined with customized content, interactive apps, and loyalty programs will fuel the behavior of social TV consumers over the next 24 months” says Gartner research director, Michael Gartenberg.  That means marketers for media and publicly broadcast events will benefit from bringing a richer experience to TV viewers by offering more opportunities to view exclusive pictures and videos and customized media via second Screen content.

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