Tara Tokarski

Account Coordinator

Tara Tokarski

Tara is our organizer extraordinaire. As Production Coordinator, Tara coordinates the entire team at edgefactory! She’s the one who makes sure we all have what we need to get through the day whether that is the next task on the list or a cheerful smile.

The ultimate team player, Tara came to edgefactory from Sanford-Brown College where she was an Adjunct Professor of Design. She specialized in Illustration, Fashion/Costume Design, Retail Concepts, Visual Displays, and Portfolios. This brainiac perfectly syncs the nebulous realm of creativity with the very rigid world of business deadlines. She keeps the entire edgefactory team on track every day with task lists, meetings, to-do’s, and deliverables. There’s no slacking when Tara is around!

Tara has a Master of Arts in Illustration within the Visual Communication Department at Savannah College of Art and Design and also worked in Costuming at Walt Disney World. No matter where she’s working, Tara takes dreams and ideas and turns them into reality in a very organized manner. Great concepts don’t just happen. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to come to fruition and Tara is the one lining up those scenes.

The edgefactory team is a powerhouse of creative minds. Everyone pitches in to make the clients dream a reality but Tara is the one to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. Her skills run the gamut from physically organizing our office work environment to communicating with clients, project managers, designers, artists, and execs to bring client ideas to life. And when she’s done with that, she’ll take a look at the numbers, arrange talent and travel, and hit the production floor to keep the process moving forward.

As she says, “Everything is a puzzle that needs to be put together.”

Tara is cool as a cucumber. Rarely ruffled or stressed out by the chaos that can often be found on a production floor, she enjoys every minute of keeping the team on task and on time. She makes everyone’s job easier and more enjoyable.