Video content on digital signs continues to grow in relevancy for capturing the public’s attention. Proof of this comes from recent statistics at ReelSEO showing 93% of all marketers now use some form of video content in consumer locations. No doubt you’ve seen evidence of that yourself when in public places, especially retail stores. So many now use video content for marketing in real-time, plus using cloud technology to update instantly.

Equally as much, digital video content motivates people in meetings, something we’ve been focusing on here at edgefactory through this last year. But with the above report noting 82% of people say they get a positive experience through video, what kind of trends should we expect through 2015? Much of this comes through focus on relevance and what the video’s running time is.

How Relevant is Your Video to Your Company or Event?

Video content works almost like your own cable channel now since you control every piece of content through a digital screen. However, some companies use content that are mere filler rather than consistently relevant information pertaining to company services.

Deciding this comes down to where you show your video content, the people who see it, and what message you’re communicating. As for location, you may need video content with specific messages that differ throughout your company building or at an event. If most messages target customers, employees also benefit from motivating messages in meetings or company gatherings.

Video Length

Debates continue over video length, both in physical locations and online. While online videos are frequently made short for capturing equally short attention spans, an in-store video or a video for meetings are sometimes a different story. The trend, however, is to keep most video message as short as possible.

Showing lengthy videos in a store doesn’t necessarily capture everyone walking by who are probably already in a hurry. A short, relevant message running for just a minute is a better option, including real-time tweaks based on initial customer response.

Videos in meetings that help motivate employees shouldn’t run more than a few minutes either. Regardless, when utilizing inspirational imagery and music, you’re apt to hold more attention of your employees than if listening to the rambling sounds of their own voices.

Let us help you create digital video content this year that’s compelling, relevant, and the perfect length here at edgefactory.

Contact us and we’ll work closely with you on something interesting and innovative. We keep up with the latest digital video trends and do our best to use them so your company imparts a fresh message.