13 - Video Content in New Stadiums - Can Digital Signage Be Used for Private Stadium EventsVideo content on digital signs is starting to be seen in a lot of different places this year that we haven’t seen before. This includes public schools, churches, and on much larger screens in places like major international airports. While we expect video screens in giant stadiums, reports are that many more stadiums are being built right now in the United States to accommodate ever-bigger audiences. Some of them are now going to be holding up to 100,000 people, something that was once a rarity.

All of these stadiums are going to be using more digital signage than ever, including ones that now reach as large as 100 inches in diameter with 4K quality. According to the above report on these new stadiums, many of them are expected to be rented out to companies to use for conventions or other events. It’s an opportunity you can probably take with your own company. But what kind of content should you use if you managed to have a massive digital screen available for a company gathering?

Thinking Big for Big Screens

Good content is good content, no matter the size of the digital screen. Then again, when you need to convey a strong message to thousands of people in a stadium, you’re probably better off not creating content that’s overly intimate. You’ll want to go for something that creates sweeping emotion and awe in people. Especially when you have a digital screen that’s larger than normal, you’ll want to utilize compelling images that reach out to the most emotional core of your branding message.

In some cases, this might involve using spectacular scenery or a story of someone who overcame obstacles to rouse emotion. When coupled with inspiring music that resonates throughout the stadium, you could make a very powerful statement.

Also, don’t discount the power of using graphics alone when it’s necessary. You can still create a powerful presentation on an overly large screen using digital animation to convey abstract ideas. When used in a way to enhance a human story that touches a nerve, you won’t necessarily have to use sweeping photography to bring a tear to someone’s eye.

We can help bring content like this to you here at edgefactory, whether on big screens or small.  Contact us to see our portfolio of video content for everything from large conferences to meetings. When you work with us, we’ll work closely with you to bring content that’s appropriate for the event in a time when large digital screens become increasingly larger.